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Valentines Day

Well this weekend was Valentines Day on Saturday and while most of the population was craming into restaurants, we ordered pizza. Yes, pizza. I have to say we tried going out on Valentines Day for a few years in a row, but we were actually really turned off by the whole thing. Many restaurants only serve a limited menu. I walked in expecting to order one of my favorite dishes only to find out it is not on tonights “special” menu… what is so special about that? The idea of the “special menu” which I affectionately call the short menu is so the restaurant can maximize the amount of meals they can serve in one night and the chef can keep up. This also results in meals being served faster and tables being turned over more quickly. This type of service also makes me feel rushed as I know they have overbooked and can’t wait to serve the next couple at my table as soon as they can get me out the door. Now, maybe I am being a bit harsh, and I am sure all restaurants are not the same so I am not knocking the industry as a whole, but I really prefer not to be out on Valentines Day with the crowds. So, our Valentines Day dinner out was Thursday evening at our favorite bring your own restaurant where we brought a Pride Cabernet Sauvignon. If you have ever tried any Pride wine, no matter the varietal, you know that all Pride wines are exceptional. Also, let me throw in here that if you ever visit Napa, a picnic lunch at Pride is a must, the view is outstanding. Anyway, back to Valentines. Our Thursday dinner was our night out, Friday we hosted 12 for dinner and on Saturday we cracked another nice bottle of wine, kicked back and ordered pizza. Now that to me is the best Valentines Day, your loved one, a great bottle of wine, pizza, and no crowds.

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