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Bottle Shock the movie on DVD

For all you wine lovers that missed the movie Bottle Shock when it was out in theaters, it has now been released on DVD. Being a wine lover and Napa Valley dreamer I knew I had to see the movie and seeing it in the theater on an Imax screen was incredible. I remember the opening scenes as you cut across the Napa Valley in a helicopter flying low over the vineyards and trees, I actually lifted my feet as it appeared you were about to clip the top of a tree. I can tell you it felt like I was right there in that helicopter. The views were breathtaking and for just a moment in time, I was back in Napa. Well, as Bottle Shock went to DVD my wife ran out and purchased it. We again watched it and while there was some minor disappointment without the Imax screen, I was once again back in Napa. Bottle Shock is based on the events that led up to the Judgment in Paris. For those who don’t know, the Judgment in Paris held in 1976, was when California wine beat French wine in a blind taste test. For a California wine to win forever changed the fortunes of Napa Valley wineries and moved California wines to a prominent position in the global wine industry. While not an Academy Award winning movie, a great story with a little comedy, some fantastic Napa Valley history and beautiful scenery. I strongly recommend it to anyone interested in wine.

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