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Just who is beer guy?

It all started about 25 years ago. I started to enjoy an ice cold beer. Nothing fancy, a can of Bud or maybe for a special occasion I’d go for some fancy import, like a Molson. Back in those days I really liked a Ballentine Ale. It tasted good enough, and it did the job from a buzz prospective. But the best part was the little puzzles on the inside of the cap. Over the years I became an aficionado of watered down American beers, I just loved them. How could you not like something that tasted almost as good from the first one to the 15th! That old Schaefer commercial was right on. You know it “. . . the one beer to have, when . . .” There was even a little dive bar in town that served Bud bottles along with a little glass to pour it into. You could sniff it I guess, the wonderful owner of the bar has passed away and the place changed hands. I don’t go there anymore. I wish I found out why he served Bud with those little glasses, it was such a classy little touch.
Over those 20 or so years I found it difficult to enjoy other types of alcoholic beverages. The reason being, I had fine tuned my taste buds and pace to perfection with respect to beer. If I drank any other beverage, it all went down at the same pace and seemingly tasting the same. This is not a good thing if you are drinking a Martini or Margarita!
Over the past few years on a weekend having a few of those good ‘ole brewskies I’d experience some shortness of breath and feel my neck being a little itchy. Didn’t think much of it until one time I felt particularly itchy and went to the bathroom, oh yea, it was at that dive bar. Wow, my neck was all red and blotchy and I could feel that shortness of breath. After some experimenting with what I was eating and drinking I narrowed it down. I had developed an allergy to BEER!
Although there were many other experiences over a several year period that helped me to see the light, this was the beginning of my transition to the “red side”.
In coming articles I’ll share some of those strategic inflection points (can you guess where I worked once), many of them have occurred during the many fortunate opportunities I have had to travel on business. They were a long time coming and from many different places on the globe, Paris, New York, San Francisco, Singapore and good old New Jersey. As well, I’ll talk about wine from a “beer guys” prospective. I’ll tackle some of the most pressing questions I have pondered and maybe you did too. Things like; what is the difference between a $10 bottle of wine and a $150 bottle of wine? All those flavors, smells, fruits is really just a bunch of bull, isn’t it? If I love wine, but still enjoy a beer, which should I drink first on an evening that I might have both? How to do a full day of wine tasting, followed by dinner, followed by after dinner drinks without a hangover the next day? This is all important stuff, stay tuned.

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