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Demand or Quality?

I often think of some of my favorite wines and can’t help but wonder when the vintage runs out before the next one is released, why they don’t make more? I mean sometimes you have to wait several months and that is pure torture in my mind. Imagine logging on to the winery website and seeing the words “sold out”. Or your local wine manager saying he can’t get any more from the distributor. Well, in all seriousness, I think that it is okay to wait even though I gripe as I wonder if they made more would they sacrifice quality? I’m inclined to think so. There are mass produced wines made that are very good, but I am talking about the handcrafted boutique winery that has a small case production. If they expanded production, they would have to expand their vineyards, the cost of doing business goes up, they may need more staff, etc. Also, if this particular vineyard is organic and the demand for a higher number of cases is now a factor, do they sacrifice the organic farming and use pesticides and other chemicals to ensure a higher crop? These are all very important questions that would need to be answered and in my mind, I think that one would have to be very careful about doing so.
I guess I will just have to wait for the next vintage sometimes. And you never know the wine might not be as special if it was available all the time. The anticipation of the new vintage adds some allure.

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