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Wine stuff

As I sit here thinking of all the really great gifts I got this year at the holidays, including wine, it brings to mind the many wine themed accessories and decorations I got as well. The world of wine really is huge nowadays. I am not just talking about the standard stuff such as wine, wine glasses, decanters, coasters and wine charms. I am talking about your home décor. Accent rugs, wall hangings, dish towels for the kitchen. Don’t forget clothes too, I love the wine t-shirt I was given. One really cool gift is a Vineyard scented candle with a metal grapevine holder from Yankee Candle. The candle smells excellent, like fresh grapes growing in the vineyard. There is also a candle topper that allows the wick to burn more evenly by directing the flame through the opening in the topper. This particular topper has the names of cheeses scrolled around the outer edge with a display of grapes, wine glasses and wine bottles along the top. Another cool feature of this Yankee Candle accessory is that the topper comes with its own stopper that extinguishes the candle when placed on the topper. No mess blowing out the candle, no lingering smoke or anything.
There is so much neat stuff out there. If you received any neat wine themed ornaments for your tree consider leaving them out all year on one of those small stands that allows it to hang just off the surface. You can find the stands in most collectible or card stores, actually, I think even some craft stores too. It is a neat accent to leave out and show your love for wine. We have a few that stay out year round, not just in our wine cellar, but the living room too.
For more home décor and gift ideas, check out all the links on our link page. Sterling Wine Online is one of our links that is a really neat site and offers a tremendous variety of wine related items. You can buy a gift, or pick yourself up a t-shirt or even an authentic wine barrel planter if you choose. Enjoy checking out the various sites and Happy Shopping!

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