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Happy New Year

Another Christmas season is behind us as 2008 has ended and new fresh year is before us. This past year was very trying for us all to say the least. So much went on adding more stress to already hectic lives. Think back about the constant attention on the presidential election, the mortgage meltdown which led to the banking crisis, then a total financial collapse, which helped push the big three automakers over the edge. Add this to the already ongoing conflicts and problems around the world, and it makes you wonder how much we can take. We had some big wine stories this year also. Early spring saw the big freeze that wreaked havoc on the California vineyards. The most severe frost in 30 years estimated to have caused $80 million in lost revenues. In May we lost wine great Robert Mondavi known to many as the grandfather of Napa Valley, a pioneer wine maker who left behind a remarkable legacy. Then in December news broke that the feuding Sebastiani Family, long rumored to disagree on the direction of the family business, would sell their brand, vineyard holdings, and facilities to the Foley Wine group. A deal which would end an era of wine making which began for the Sebastiani’s in Sonoma in 1904. The financial crisis also had a significant effect on the wine industry, softening demand for all wines except those retailing below $10.00. Restaurants were hard hit causing wineries that rely on those sales to scramble for other sales outlets. Yes 2008 was one of those years that comes and goes leaving behind probably more bad news than good. So we can only hope and pray that 2009 will bring new beginnings and good news to a world in need of just that. With that in mind, we wish everyone who spends time with us. A new year that provides good health, new and happy memories, granted wishes, financial security, and success in all you do. We hope for a kinder gentler world with leaders who work towards peace, human rights and stability, throughout the world. Thanks for all your support in 2008.

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