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A quick note before New Years

Wow, as usual the holidays are flying by. How does it happen? Not sure, but it seems as though it never matters how many days you take off around the holidays that in the blink of an eye it is time to go back to work. Well, I hope you enjoyed yours as much as I did mine. Next up in a few more days is New Years Eve. We are staying home with guests and are currently working our menu as well as our wine selection. In the process of selecting some wines for that evening we picked up a wine we had never tried before. As a fan of blends, I spotted a Lion’s Ridge Vineyards Meritage Red Wine, 2004 Central Coast. A very reasonably priced wine that I picked up for $19.99 that is produced by Clos LaChance Winery in San Martin, California. The fact that it was produced by Clos LaChance further intrigued me as I am a fan of thier everyday drinkers. It should also be noted Clos LaChance produces some higher end wines as well, I just have not tried any so I am unable comment on them (note to self, I need to try one of them soon). In any case, I tried the Lion’s Ridge Meritage tonight that is primarily Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, but is a blend of all five Bordeaux varietals and really enjoyed it. If you can find this blend I recommend you pick up a bottle, it is an easy drinking, very smooth, enjoyable wine.

Just wanted to drop our readers a quick note about this new find and to wish everyone a Happy, Healthy, Properous, wine drinking, New Year! Happy 2009!

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Holiday food and wine

Here we are at the end of 2008 already with Christmas rapidly approaching. Only a few more days left to shop, wrap and get ready. With all that pressure, the last thing you want to do is worry about what wine to serve with your holiday meal. Of course, as I always say, you can always serve what you like to drink and not worry about the perfect pairing. However, if you don’t know much about wine and need a few pointers, I am going to give you a few basic rules to follow. Then you pick the producer and varietal within your price range. For cream sauces, stick with wine wines such as Pinot Grigio or a Riesling, if you are stricly a red drinker, try a rose or Pinot Noir. For bolder red sauces, try a Zinfandel, Chianti or Sangiovese (these are all red wines). These same varietals will stand up to any red meat as well. For a spicier dish, try a sparkling wine or Riesling. If you are planning a turkey or even a fish dinner, a Sauvignon Blanc or Viognier is a crisp light alternate, very refreshing. Lastly, don’t forget a nice port wine or muscat for dessert. These both stand up to sweet foods very nicely. Most of all enjoy whatever holiday you are celebrating. Happy Holidays!

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Christmas in Napa Valley

Christmas is my favorite holiday and I always look forward to the entire season. In my opinion it starts the day after Thanksgiving and ends on January 6th which is Little Christmas or Nollaig Bheag in Irish, the original Christmas Day until the adoption of the Gregorian Calendar. As you can see I extend the holiday as long as I can. My love of Napa Valley fuels a wish to visit the Valley one year during the holiday season. A visit to wine country around the holidays must be an amazing experience. Instead of battling traffic and hectic shopping malls with cranky people, imagine exploring the wineries each with their own ambience and colorful festive decorations. You would taste a selection of good Napa wine, even buying needed Christmas presents at the many winery shopping areas that include more than just wine. The spirit of Christmas must be flowing in all the great restaurants around the valley. I imagine relaxing and enjoying the pairing of good wine and food. If I only lived closer than about 3000 miles. Oh well, I can daydream and keep my Christmas visit to Napa Valley at the top of my list of goals.

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Wine and the Holidays

It is hard to imagine another year has passed and the Christmas season is here again. While this time of year is filled with joy, good times and memories, it can also be very stressful to many. Gathering presents, gift giving, planning and hosting holiday parties and dinners can all take a toll. That is why it is so important to set aside some down time to unwind. A relaxing evening at home with a good glass of wine and maybe a small cheese platter sure can help. Sit back light up that Christmas tree, put on some holiday tunes and enjoy the wine and cheese, feel better already? The season from Thanksgiving to New Years is the largest wine buying time of the year. If you are a wine lover you know wine buying can also be stressful, there are just so many wines out there anymore. Did you know that by 2010 America will become the world’s number one wine drinking nation? This leads to wine producers wanting us to buy and drink more wine, and the result is the options are unlimited. Just go to any big wine store and check out the selection. You like Chardonnay or Cabernet? There will be literally hundreds of bottles to choose from. You have to decide between price, vintage, region, producer, blends, cuvees, reserves and the list goes on. The point is it can be mind boggling to just about anyone and this is true of any wine you pick. While we can expect the vast selection of wines to continue even in these hard economic times, you can make the selection process easier. Most people tend to focus on the grape name and region when purchasing. Try focusing on style instead, you know light, soft, crisp, heavy, bold and so on. You may like a big bold full bodied Napa Cabernet which really says you like big heavy full bodied reds. So you may also enjoy some high end French Bordeaux, Australian Cabernet, Shiraz or blends, Italian Super Tuscans, Brunello di Montalecino or Barbaresco. The same holds true with a Napa Chardonnay most of which are full bodied rich and oaky. Try high-end French white Bordeaux, Chardonnay, or maybe an Australian Chardonnay. Grapes are important, but focusing on wine style can help make your selection process easier, just do some research prior to your purchase. Another bonus is that you will be expanding your wine knowledge in the process. Happy Holidays!