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Turkey Day

The Thanksgiving holiday is almost upon us, it is just a few days away. If for some reason you had forgotten that it was this week, just take a vist to the supermarket and you will quickly remember. Yesterday I thought I was clever arriving at my local store prior to church letting out as I thought I would miss the crowds. Well, I was quite mistaken. The parking lot was mobbed and they were 5 or 6 people deep in the check out lines. My weekly shopping trip that normally takes 30 minutes took me 90 minutes yesterday. Another thing about the holidays is people are so crazy! It is supposed to fun, but they are under such pressure to get things done they forget to enjoy themselves. I also hear folks around the office complaining that a relative is going to serve dinner on festive paper plates rather than the fine china and how that will ruin the holiday? If the fine china makes the holiday for you, there is a problem. Do you think the pilgrims had fine china? I think not. The holiday is about being thankful and enjoying loved ones, not what you eat off of.
While I think picking out holiday wine is fun, I know it is another pressure for some folks. I was reading on the internet today all the tips to picking holiday wine and you see the signs in the liquor store that read “great with turkey”. It can all be confusing and yes, add some more pressure. You know what I always say, drink what you want. While I do a agree that some crisp whites and lighter reds such as Pinot Noir do pair wonderfully with turkey, you have to like it in order to drink it, right?
So, my suggestion is drink what you want for yourself. If you are unsure about your guests, pick up a Reisling, which is a sweeter white, a Chardonnay, a light red such as a Pinot Noir, and lastly a Cabernet or Merlot for a bolder red. This range should cover all of your guests tastes.
Most of all whether or not you celebrate the holiday, please take a moment to stop and think about all that you have to be thankful for. Big or small I am positive we all have something to be thankful for.

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