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Football Sunday

Tomorrow we are off to Giants stadium to see our favorite team (hopefully) beat Baltimore. We look pretty good so far with an 8-1 record, but as any sports fan knows, the season can change at any moment. Then again we are the current defending Super Bowl champions so it is fair of me to expect more of my team, don’t you think? I do. Well, I could have this debate all night and it doesn’t change the outcome, so I’ll just say a little prayer when I put my head down on my pillow that tomorrow the loss column is still 1! It will be a cold one as the forecast is for a high of 47 degrees and windy, but we are all set for the tailgate party. We will arrive in the parking lot by 9:00 AM so we can set up for our BBQ. We have chili, sausage for grilling, fresh mozzarella, lot of snacks and WINE! Of course we are bringing wine, we selected a Ghost Pines Cabernet and a Rodney Strong Cabernet for our tailgate party. I must sign off for now to gather up our Giants gear so we can show our team spirit. And my number one priority is the wine glasses, wine, and I can’t forget the opener! Can you imagine if we couldn’t open the wine?

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