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Fall cleaning

Fall cleaning seems like an odd title for wine babble, and no, I am not cleaning out my wine cellar.
Although, that could be fun. I am actually talking about my magazine rack and my bookshelves and the stacks of magazines in the corner of the office. The old editions of Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast and Food and Wine. I decided we need to take charge of the magazine situation around this house and start clearing out the number of magazines before they take over all of our living space. That being said, I vowed to pick up a few magazines each day and thumb through to remove any interesting article or recipe I might want, rip out the page, and toss the rest of the magazine. Well, actually I look, rip my pages, then pass it to my husband for his review, then he removes his pages and then we toss. I know you are probably laughing because it sounds as though we are saving stacks of paper now instead of whole magazines, but trust me, it will be organized scraps of paper! Besides the obvious humor in this exercise, I am enjoying looking back at 2004 editions of the magazines. It is interesting to check out the ratings, some of the same names you know are always going to be there, but it is also strange to look back and wonder what ever became of a winery that you no longer see on the shelf. I also find it very interesting that on recent trips to Napa where I thought I discovered wines I had never heard of before, and now looking back in an old magazine I see the name in print… guess I missed it at the time. Call me crazy, but I am enjoying myself. We have a 2004 issue of Wine Spectator, the annual wine country review edition that we have decided to keep and compare with other annual editions to see how they have changed over the years. This is going to take us quite a while so I am sure you will see interesting old artifacts pop up on our site.
Until next time…. cheers!

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