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Wine as a way of life

As I sit here with a glass of Chaddsford Cabernet Sauvignon that we purchased this past weekend while visiting the winery, I am thinking about the statement wine is a way of life. That is a catch phrase that we so often hear, whether it be quoted by someone or printed on a cocktail napkin, I know it is frequently used. “Wine is a way of life”- what a statement. It means something different to all of us, for the winemaker/vineyard owner we spent time with this weekend, it really is his whole life. For me, wine is something I enjoy as part of my life. I also think about the book I am reading, the Far Side of Eden by James Conaway; also author of Napa: the story of an American Eden. The book is subtitled New Money, Old Land, and the Battle for the Napa Valley. I will give you a quick review on the book when I finish reading it, but it is about the greed and social status that wines brings to some. The story is told back in the 80′s when owning a winery was a measure of who you were and people trying to get into the Napa didn’t really know much about wine or the valley, they just knew they wanted to be a part of it. Wine as a way of life meant something completely different to those folks too. Take the folks working for a magazine like Wine Spectator that taste, rate and review wine as a job. A whole new meaning for them too, wine as a way of life, I’ll bet those folks enjoy a glass of wine with dinner after work just as much as I do even though they have already “worked” at it all day. How about the workers in the vineyards that tend to the vines? Again, wine as a way of life means something else to them. They are the roots of the project, if you ask me probably one of the most important. If the vines are not tended to properly, there is no wine for the winemaker to make, or the guy to rate, or even for me to casually drink while I type. So there you have it, wine as a way of life. It is funny how a statement can be viewed from so many angles and so many levels all about the same topic. Right now wine as a way of life for me means signing off and enjoying my glass of Chaddsford with my dinner!

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