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The world of wine

I feel like I say this so often in Wine Babble, but the world of wine is huge. It is so big that the average consumer could never learn as much as they would like to know, or try as many wines as they’d like to. I think you would have to have a job in the wine industry in order to call yourself an expert. I was just thinking about how many wines in the Napa Valley when we visit that are winery exlcusive, combine that with that amount of wines you can purchase at the local wine shop and it is amazing. I am also finding recently a lot of wines not previously distributed, or hard to find are showing up in more stores. Frank Family is a good example of that. When we first visited Napa you could not purchase it anywhere in NJ. We were able to get some through Liquor Outlet in Boonton, NJ and now I recently noticed it on another retailers shelf. I then wonder to myself, are they producing more in order to be distributing to more locations? Will the wine be as good? Gosh, the magic could be gone because it isn’t special anymore, everyone can buy it. I think not, I still love the wine and it is just as good as ever. My other thought is forget the tiny portion of the wine world I am looking at in my local wine shop, how about all the other states and countries producing wine that just have a small spot on the shelf. In other areas of the country and world the wines I am looking at are just a small spot on thier shelf. Just allow your mind to wander a minute and realize just how really big it is. It is a bit overwhelming. I once considered myself to know a thing or two about wine, but I am really just a newbie with a lot more to experience. I hope to continue sharing my love of wine and what I learn with you. Stay tuned. I know I always talk about California wine, but I was recently given a bottle from a Delaware winery, Nassau Valley Vineyards produced from the Chambourcin grape. I will let you know next time I write what I think of it, and continue to work at expanding my knowledge of the never ending world of wine.

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