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Napa Harvest

I’m back…I know it has been quite a while, sorry I just decided to take the rest of the summer off after our great trip. I did as promised finish this years Napa report, so give me a break. As summer rapidly comes to an end I will tell you it was great, although it did seem to pass by quickly. Much went on from the marriage of my youngest son, to the big engagement party for my older son who will marry next year. Not to mention all the barbecues and weekend parties, as you can see we were pretty busy. Now the fall season begins with nice cooler weather, fantastic fall smells in the air and harvest. Yes, Napa harvest has begun with the early white grapes like Sauvignon Blanc already coming in. The early reds will be next with the big bold Cabernets left for as much hang time as possible depending on the weather as well as the brix of the grape. Some Napa growers were picking Cabernet grapes in the middle of October last year. While harvest is hectic for the vineyard workers and owners, it is also a special time to visit Napa. The pace of the entire valley picks up, anticipation is in the air, harvest parties are a regular event. Just a fun time if you can tolerate the crowds.
If you can go visit the valley in the next few weeks and witness it for yourself, go for it, if not stop back we will try to update you on the progress. In the mean time I am going to say a little prayer that the extreme weather conditions this past year have not hurt the grapes and another fantastic vintage will be born.

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