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The NFL and Wine

The October issue of Wine Spectator magazine has a short article in the UpFront column reporting a new wine label to be released by Green Bay Packers corner-back Charles Woodson. Normally an article like this would not surprise me, another sports star with money and a love of wine decides to get involved in the wine industry, why not? His label, Twenty Four, a Napa Valley Stags Leap Cabernet will be released this November. The surprising part is an NFL rule passed by Commissioner Roger Goodell that forbids players from endorsing alcoholic beverages. The article states Woodson gave an interview at the release party for his wine and the league offices notified him he is not allowed to promote the wine in any way. Now, I love the NFL and spend most Sundays glued to the TV watching football, yet this policy bothers me. Is this hypocrisy on the part of the NFL? Anyone who watches NFL games on a regular basis knows that a large part of their advertising promotes beer and parties like tailgating which involves drinking alcohol. There are even commercials airing now that have ex coaches promoting beer. Yet a player who loves wine starts a wine label, a legitimate business, and he is banned from supporting it? Very perplexing to say the least. My personal opinion is it sounds like do as I say, not as I do.
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