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A new season

Well, Sunday started a new season of the NFL Sunday games and it brought quite a few unexpected wins for the day. It seems as though that is another indication of a new season, football brings fall even though the calendar still tells us it is summer until later on in September. Sunday was also a day for wine while watching the games. We missed some of the early games but sampled some great white wines while attending a late day party and catching the late afternoon games. As you know we are truly red wine fans who occasionally drink white, well, we decided with cool weather arriving we needed to drink some of the fantastic whites we have in the cellar. White wine typically does not store as long as most reds and we had shipped back some pretty big whites from Napa that we wanted to try again. I know with red wine you “graduate” from Pinot Noir to Merlot to Cabernet as each varietal usually gets a bit bolder, but a strange thing happened with the whites. The white wines we selected were all Chardonnay varietals, but each one was so uniquely different and while they were all outstanding in their own way we almost felt we drank them out of order as the first one seemed the biggest and boldest of all. Yes, I said boldest in describing a Chardonnay, almost beefy as in describing a Cabernet. Possibly we should have allowed this one to rest a bit longer in the cellar, but as I said all were outstanding. We sampled a Frank Family Reserve Chardonnay which was the first bold wine. The two others were a Bremer Family Chardonnay and a Regusci Chardonnay. We had so much fun picking out the flavors in the whites such as green apple, carmel apple, grass, grapefruit and others. I think mixing it up once in a while from what your favorite varietal is helps to keep the palate in check. If you are a white drinker, try some reds for a change and see if you can improve your senses and expand your palate.

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