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Wine Times

Although I love summer, fall is one of the most fantastic times of the year. Better than spring as it tends to be rainy and cooler in the spring. Fall features nice, warm, sunny days and cool nights. In the fall you can feel the warmth of the suns rays and still be cool enough that you can tolerate being outside without necessarily feeling the need to jump in the pool or run back into the airconditioning. I also love fall for it’s wine factor, thus my title “wine times”. I know I drink wine all summer long and actually throughout all of the seasons, but I am really looking forward to the cool fall nights when I can pour some of those big bold reds, sit outdoors with a light sweatshirt and smell the scents of the season. Somehow it makes the wine taste better than sitting inside the house with the air and fans running in order to drink the reds I am so fond of. I will miss the hot afternoons by the pool with a nice crisp white chilled to perfection, but the positives of the fall far out weigh the negatives. Besides I am not ruling out white altogether, I have become much more a fan of whites this year and will continue to drink them… just not on the cool nights by the fire!

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