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Up coming visit to Chaddsford Winery

Summer is coming to an end and the Fall season is about to begin, and I am excited. Not only for the beginning of harvest and some great weather, now we have a weekend trip set up for the end of September and of course, it involves wine. If you follow our Anything Wine page then you read our day trip story down the page here. We visited Peddler’s Village in Bucks County Pennsylvania, and while there went to the Chaddsford Winery tasting room and were quite impressed with thier wines. Well, we did the write up about them and thier winemaker Eric Miller read it and sent us a nice Email thanking us for the story and suggesting we let him know if we were ever in the area. After our visit to the tasting room we had already decided to research the winery and possibly visit, so Eric made the trip plan an easy decision.
Chaddsford Winery is located in historic Bradywine Valley in the town of Chadds Ford PA. Brandywine Valley has a long history begining with the original inhabitants, an Algonquin Indian tribe who called themselves Lenape (len-ah’-pay), meaning “common people”, and later European settlers.
Brandywine was also the site of a battle between British and Hessian forces, and American Continentals and local militias under George Washington and a young Marquis de Lafayette in the largest land battle of the Revolutionary War, which was lost by the Americans. For more in depth history visit the Brandywine web site at:
Chaddsford Winery is one of seven wineries on the Brandywine Wine trail so along with a chance to meet with a great winemaker we will get to visit some other wineries. So you can see why I am excited, it has been a while scince our Napa trip so I am ready.
After talking with Eric my take is he is a wine guy who is very knowlegeable and passionate about his wine and on top of that he sounds like a real fun guy. He was more than willing to suggest places to try for our lodging and restaurants to visit. We will be meeting with him Saturday afternoon and I can’t wait. I will definetly provide the detail of our trip when we return.
To visit the Chaddsford Winery site go to:

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