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The holiday weekend is here!

It is time for some wine “babble”! Yea, babble. Just some straight nonsense talk about enjoying some wine.

Well folks it is finally here! Labor Day weekend, the unofficial end to summer, back to school season starting and one last hurrah before the carefree days of summer go away. It is two days until the picnic on Sunday, but already we are starting it out right. We are enjoying a glass of Silver Oak 2003 Alexander Valley Cabernet. I’m not sure how you are starting your weekend, but for me it doesn’t get any better than this. Back to the weekend. Food is being prepared as I type and most of the shopping is done. A few things still need to get picked up tomorrow and hopefully no last minute items on Sunday, but we do have time in the morning. The keg is chilling and the wine has been purchased. As I mentioned previously, we like to serve wine over $10, but under $20 for picnics and parties. We decided on some Smoking Loon Chardonnay and Beringer Chardonnay. We also have Hanna Sauvignon Blanc and Honig Sauvignon Blanc. For Red wine we have the Sly Dog Cellars Red blend, Trinchero Cabernet Sauvignon, Sterling Vintners Cabernet Sauvignon and Raymond R Collection Merlot. I think there is enough variety that all wine lovers can find something to drink. If nothing strikes them then possibly they will enjoy a frozen margarita as they will be served too. Whatever your plans may be, have a safe, happy holiday weekend! Stay tuned for more wine babble next week when we may have a ghost writer for a change with some fresh thoughts to share.

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