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Holiday weekend party plans

Well Labor Day is almost here, the unofficial end of summer. We all know it means back to school and shorter, cooler days, but it’s not nearly over yet. The good stuff is just starting..warm sunny days with no humidity and cool nights that are great for sleeping. Some of the best weather is in the fall. Now, back to Labor Day, it is time to plan our annual picnic. We host it every year, rain or shine and I mean rain or shine. One year it downpoured from a tropical storm that made it’s way up the coast from Florida and we set up tables in the garage, strung some Xmas lights around and probably had one of the best times we have had. Grilling was a bit difficult and it was challenging to not have wet burgers trying to transport them into the house, but again it was fun….maybe not for the grillmaster though. This year if the forecast is for rain, we make oven food only. We have ordered the keg so the beer is set, but we need to decide what kind of wine to serve. We will need some Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Cabernet. We try to serve wine that is good, but not too pricey. I mean let’s face it, none of us want to drink jug wine, yet at the same time you are not going to serve your top pick of the cellar. We stay around the $15 per bottle range and try to find the best tasting value for our dollar. It is challenging and fun. We read up on the best buys in Wine Spectator and sample the wines until we find what we like and feel is suitable to serve our guests. Hope your Labor Day planning is going well too! Stop back next week for our final picks on what we are serving.

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