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Just wine

I was thinking today while I was shopping around on my lunch break just how big the wine market has become in the last few years and I don’t mean just wine. We all know the wine market itself is huge and the vast selection of wines there are to choose from when visiting the local liquor store, but I am talking about the wine related items. I am truly amazed. Years ago if there was one type of wine cooler at the store, maybe a 12 bottle cooler that was a lot, now you have 30, 40, 50 bottles with dual zone cooling readily available. Yes, larger units can be purchased too, just not at every retail store where the smaller versions are available. And what about the variety of corkscrews? Today I saw a vertical opener? Never saw that one before. And the decor too, just about everything from artwork to dishtowels, rugs, clothes, you name it, you can find it. Another item that has become huge are the cocktail napkins. A favorite of mine, I like to find a new wine design I haven’t purchased before to use at the bar in my wine cellar. It’s a quirky, but fun habit and fairly inexpensive too. So, next time you are at your local home store, stop and take note of just how much wine related stuff is out there.

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