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Grilled Corn on the Cob

Yes…I know I have been slacking off this summer with our BBQ page. It has just been such a great and busy summer, I have not had much time. Well, let me give you a quick and easy trick for corn on the cob which in most of the U.S. is now at in it’s peak season.
Go to your local farm market and get some fresh ears of corn. You can grill just a few or a few dozen depending on your need. To prepare the corn cut off the bottom stem and the pointed tip so your ears have flat ends. Remove any loose outer leaves, do not strip the corn. Fill a large pan, big enough to cover the ears of corn, with cold water and allow the corn to soak for 15-20 minutes. Heat up the grill to medium temp and cook the ears turning frequently. We also use a spray bottle and mist the corn each time we turn it. Cook for about a half hour removing any loose or burnt leaves as they cook. Do not allow the corn to burn too much or catch fire. Remove when cooked, strip the ears and add your favorite spice, butter, salt, pepper or eat plain if you like.
Just a quick and easy way to cook a favorite summer staple while keeping the outdoor grilling going.

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