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Summer is flying by

Wow, can you believe how quick summer is passing us by? It is August already. I know there is still a whole month before September and even then the official start of fall is still a way off, but there is something about August that starts a landslide effect. I remember being a kid and panic setting in that school would be starting before I knew it. The reminders are everywhere in August, the back to school sales, the shorter days and the dates on the calendar moving faster than they did last month. Well, I guess I am glad I am an adult now, not just because I don’t have to go back to school, but because I have a passion and appreciation for wine in my life. I had no idea that wine would be such a fascinating hobby. There is so much to learn, such a vast selection of wine on the market that one could become overwhelmed if they did not establish an appreciation early on and determine what they like in a wine. We know we like plenty of different wines, but deep down we are and always will be Cabernet Sauvignon fans. Not just any Cab, it has to be a bold, yet smooth, silky Cab. Tonight as I sit here typing I know why I have such an appreciation for wine and I know why I am such a Cabernet Sauvignon fan. Two words…..Silver Oak. Need I say more? I think not. A Cabernet such as Silver Oak that has perfected the art of making Cabernet can quite easily turn a bad day into a good day. That is of course an original quote from my husband, but the Silver Oak slogan is “life is a Cabernet.”
Simply stated and 100% true. If you have never tried Silver Oak, I know it may not be in your price range, but pick up a bottle for a special day….you will appreciate it’s quality. I’m off to enjoy mine.. bye for now.

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