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The Response

If you’re here you read my wife’s somewhat whiney tale she just wrote about weekday wine and whatever else she was talking about. You know I love this girl, she is my soul mate and the best part is she has a knack for always making me laugh and many times we are laughing about something I did. As I do, she shares a love of wine, yet the big mistake I think I have made is introducing her to some fine wines. Oh boy, now we are hooked. We have agreed many times to curtail our wine tasting during the week to keep the cost down a little. What is funny to me is the excuses she can dream up as to why we should have a bottle on a given weekday. She without a doubt gets the award for dreaming up imaginative excuses. I mean the world is coming to an end? Sure, seems ok to me. I just have to be firm you know and stick to our agreement no matter how funny her reasons get. Well, I will just have to start tomorrow…you see tonight it is my birthday…not really it is in March. It sounded like a great idea, so I bit and we are drinking a 2004 Neal Cabernet. Have to go now…by the way last night was her birthday. Not really. Cheers!

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