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A time and a place. Partytime. A time to party. Any way you say it, it still sounds appealing, doesn’t it? Weekends are usually reserved for partytime and I do always enjoy my weekends. Take this past weekend for example, I got some cleaning done around the house, laundry, had company and drank some good wine. Sounds a little familiar, sort of my weekend MO, but it works for me so you won’t hear me complaining. You also won’t hear any complaints about Monday night either. That’s right, Monday! My husband prefers to reserve the weekend evenings for wine drinking and stick to water during the work week, but he surprised me on Monday with an impromptu Birthday party. Since we agreed that the only time we drink wine during the week is for special occasions, he made it my birthday. It is not really my birthday, but a full moon is not a worthy enough occasion, nor is the last Monday evening in July 2008, or the fact that it is the night before garbage day. You see, I can come up with some good ones, but they normally don’t fly. I guess he knew I had a bad day so he declared it my birthday about six months early. Fine by me… I got to have a 2004 Raymond Burr Cabernet. It was oustanding! A take home from our Napa trip in May that had been resting comfortably in the cellar since, until my birthday that is. I am almost certain that today is my birthday again. No wait, I think it might be his birthday… I must reciprocate. That will fly, right? It has to, I have a 2004 Neal Cabernet Sauvignon handy in my kitchen wine cooler, I don’t even have to walk downstairs to the cellar and how can he refuse a Neal? Neal wines are new to me, but the Cabernet rates right up there for me with some of the best Cab’s that I have tried. I also happen to know he agrees with me regarding the Neal Cab so that should keep me out of trouble this time…..can anyone say Partytime?

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