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weekday wine and bad weather

I wonder how most of you feel about a glass of wine with dinner during the week. Is it okay? I think so, however, it is a big debate in our house. Mostly weekends are the time to drink wine, unless of course you are on vacation as we were last week, then everyday is Friday and we had wine each day. Well, this week is back to work and it is hard to get back into the weekday/weekend wine mode. I am reading on this page about the Chaddsford Chambourcin and it’s spicy Zin like quality and I am thinking I should be tasting that again to be sure how good it was. Especially on a night like tonight. We have severe thunderstorms in the area, a tornado watch in other parts of New Jersey, and on the news they said it was raining at a rate of 13 inches per hour in some parts of the state. Although it was not going to continue raining at that rate for an hour, that is still some extreme weather. Mother Nature is not happy with someone, you’d almost think the world is coming to an end, and I shouldn’t have a glass of wine? Go figure. I think I should be having the best bottle in the cellar considering the world is coming to an end. Don’t you think?

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