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Fourth of July Weekend

Hope you all enjoyed your long weekend for the Fourth of July! How great is that when a holiday like the fourth falls on either side of the weekend. Most times we have to go to work the next day, unlike Memorial Day or Labor Day when we know we have a long weekend. As usual our weekend was filled with fun! The weather was not the greatest, but it did not manage to ruin the weekend. Thursday evening we dined out on our patio with our son and daughter in law to be. We grilled up some clams, pork chops and poured ourselves some Kendall Jackson Sauvignon Blanc as it was quite warm and humid. As the thunderstorms moved in we quickly retreated inside and had ourselves two outstanding Reds-both produced by Neal. First a 2004 Cabernet that was outstanding, a true taste of Napa Valley, then we tried the Neal 2006 Zinfandel which was also very good. This was our first time trying the Neal wines and we would most certainly purchase them again. My husband said I was not supposed to open them, but unless they are in the cellar they are meant to be open. Next up was the annual Fourth of July picnic on the lake at our brother and sister in law’s home. We watched the water skiers pass by complete with Red White and Blue costumes, had some great food, and a few beers as it was just too hot for wine. After the fireworks we headed home to crack a few nice bottles in honor of Independence Day! Our wine buddies (sister and brother in law) were celebrating with us as usual. We did indulge a bit again, as usual, but a good time we had and some outstanding wine poured. We poured a 25th anniversary Whitehall Lane Cabernet that was quite interesting. They used a glass cork closure to the wine similar to what you would find in a port bottle, almost like a stopper, that appeared to be air sealed. The cork as it was is certainly a conversation piece. The wine was very good as well. We also sampled a Venge Syrah from our recent Napa trip, we think it has rested long enough that we could enjoy a bottle. We finished up with a 2005 Christopher Creek Zinfandel that was very tasty as well, but did not seem to be an overall crowd pleaser. Maybe it was just time to go to bed. Now if we could only learn that trick, we’d feel much better in the morning!

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