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The Annual Garage Sale

Hi there Wine Lovers! What an exciting weekend I had, hope you had a great one too! As I sit typing this I am enjoying a glass of Chapplett Cabernet Sauvignon to wrap up the weekend. I am inside this evening as thunderstorms threaten to strike any moment. You may think what I have to say about the weekend is a little strange, but it was one of my most favorite annual event weekends- it was our annual garage sale. Yes, garage sale. Most folks probably dread the thought of garage sales as it is a lot of work to have one, but our family and friends have a great time. We all put our stuff together to create one sale, we make signs, we have breakfast, lunch, drinks and more. We set up our cooler in the garage and start with beers around 11:00 and some wine a little later. Our customers consistently ask to join the party or if drinks are for sale. We had Smoking Loon Chardonnay and St Clement Sauvignon Blanc at the sale, with some Hanna Sauvignon Blanc after the sale while swimming. We always manage to pull in some big crowds, everyone has a profitable day and most of all we have a great time. We made close to a $1,000, with the most profitable couple pulling in a little over $200.
After the sale and clean up we headed to the backyard for some swimming and relaxation. As I said earlier we had some Hanna Sauvignon Blanc after the sale, then as a quick shower passed over us, we enjoyed a Raymond Burr Chardonnay. Our sister and brother in law were staying the night, and we had others join us for dinner so there was quite a bit more quality wine enjoyed. We also had a variety of foods with our son pleasing the crowd with clams and later on some specially prepared venison meat on the grill. There was shrimp cocktail, lobster and crab cakes and finally some grilled salmon and small red potatoes to finish. During the course of the evening we indulged in some fantastic wines along with our foods. We certainly rewarded ourselves for the hard days work with some Bremer Family Cabernet, a Silver Oak-Alexander Valley while sitting by our outdoor fireplace. We then enjoyed a midnight swim including lots of trips down the slide into our inground swimming pool and finished off the evening with a bottle of Frank Family Zinfandel. In hindsight, it was too late to be opening a bottle as good as Frank Family that late in the evening, but it happens sometimes. Plus it wasn’t me, it was my sister that opened that one. Of course, I didn’t stop her though. Another great time, as usual!

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