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June 2008

06/22/08 If you follow wine news you already know that studies have shown the chemical resveratrol found in the skins and seeds of red wine grapes. Has proved to be effective in helping prevent heart disease, may make cancer cells more receptive to chemotherapy and now another study shows it may be effective against obesity. Scientists say studies show that Resveratrol, an antioxidant naturally found in red wine and grapes, holds the potential to reduce the number of adipocytes in the body, thereby potentially preventing, or even treating, obesity. What else can this chemical do? For those who are wondering, Adipocytes are the cells that primarily compose adipose tissue, specialized in storing energy as fat.

06/12/08 Rumors are flying in Napa Valley about the possible sale of Chateau Montelena. According to Wine Spectator, winemaker Bo Barrett would neither confirm or deny the sale. Best known for their estate-grown Cabernets from the vineyard at the property in Calistoga. Chateau Montelena gained international fame in the famous 1976 Paris tasting where its 1973 Alexander Valley Chardonnay won a blind tasting, blowing away the competition that included other California Chardonnays and prestigious white Burgundies from France. Rumor has it the Barret family owners of the property have been made offers in excess of 100 million. Wow!

06/01/08 Napa California Vineyard purchased by David Beckham as birthday present for wife Posh Spice Victoria.
The LA Galaxy star is said to have paid in the seven figures for the Napa Valley Vineyard which will be run by a group of specialists. Beckham and his wife became wine lovers while living in Spain, when Beckham played for Real Madrid. They intend to bottle their own high quality wines for themselves, friends and family.

06/01/08 France will relax old wine rules to fend off New World challenge
France has long scorned the international appetite for what they call “vulgar” wine. Now France joins the fray and as of yesterday allowed growers to make and market their product in the more fruity fashion of the New World.

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