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The wedding

We are back from a long weekend at the Jersey shore.  If you are from New Jersey or the surrounding area you probably know we refer to it as being “down the shore”.  That is NJ slang for being at the beach.  We were at Long Beach Island, exit 63 off the parkway.  We stayed in a town called Ship Bottom on the Island and attended a family wedding.  We arrived Friday early afternoon and hit the beach for a while before rehearsal dinner, but of course, we left room for some wine between the beach and dinner.  We hung out on the balcony of our sister and brother in law’s room overlooking the beach, yelling to the rest of our friends and family still on the beach while we poured some really nice whites.  First we had one of our favorite summertime whites, the Hanna Sauvignon Blanc, then we tried a white that returned to NJ from our Napa trip last month.  A 2007 Venge wine called Bianco Spettro (White Ghost) that was more awesome than we remembered it to be, with flavors of citrus, apple, pear and even key lime jumping out at you.  We were all very happy with that purchase.  You know sometimes what tastes good in Napa Valley doesn’t always taste so good when you return home, but no dissappoinment here!  The rest of the weekend was busy with lots of wine being consumed, if I told you all of it, you’d think we overindulged.  I can tell you though, that there were some really enjoyable wines such as Bennett Lane Cabernet, Frank Family Zinfandel, and a great Frank Family Reserve Pinot Noir.  There was plenty of beach time and lots of sunshine before the 5pm ceremony on the beach.  After the ceremony we headed to a relatives yard for a picnic type reception outdoors under a huge tent.  That brings me to share a funny highlight.  Being the wine drinkers we are, we quickly searched out the help yourself bar and discovered some wines, but could not locate an opener.  Acting resourcefully we quickly remembered the nearby liquor store where we could purchase an opener and while we were at it, we selected and purchased our own wine for the evening.  That’s bad, right?  Not really, we did save the bride and groom money and kept our box out of the way beside our table.  All in all, a great weekend, a few tired people from our late nights and another one in the history books.  Return soon for more summertime stories!

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