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June 2008

I am going to go out on a limb here for the June wine of the month with something I have never done before. I am choosing a wine club member exclusive wine that you obviously can’t run out and buy a bottle to taste. Some of you may think that is cruel, however the intent is really just that I love the wine and also would like to show you that there are advantages to being a winery club member. A word of caution though, do not join any clubs while out tasting for the day. If you are interested, ask for the club member paperwork, complete and join at a later date. Everything sounds so much better after a few glasses of wine until the shipments start arriving and your credit card bill is rising. I would also suggest joining a club that only ships you winery or club member exclusive wines. You wouldn’t want to pay shipping on a bottle of wine that you can purchase at your local retailer for less. My wine of the month is a 2005 Cuvaison Diablo Syrah, Carneros. The 2006 was just released in our most recent club shipment for May and is resting in the cellar to recoup from the long journey to NJ. No kidding, you should lay the bottles down for a bit to let them settle after being shipped. We will have to see when we taste the 06 vintage if we make an additional purchase of the latest release Syrah as we did with the 05 vintage. I still have a half case or so left in the cellar. Diablo refers to a specific type of soil that can be found in the southern reaches of the Cuvaison Carneros Estate Vineyards. The Diablo clay which is black and blocky is very barren and infertile, perfect for taming the effusive Syrah vine, according to Cuvaison winemaker, Steven Rogstad. The resulting wines have the qualities of some of my favorite wines, dense, beefy, laden with jammy fruit and exotic spice notes. Just 511 cases were made. Outstanding!! Certainly a benefit of being a club member are the limited production wines that are not sold to the general public. Not that I am suggesting you join Cuvaison, you should join a club producing wines most suited to your tastes, but I would like to give kudos to Cuvaison on going green. The Cuvaison Carneros Winery has gone solar! Check out their website for pics and graph usage charts!

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