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U.S Wine Regions

Did you know? New York State is the third largest wine producing state in the United States. New Yorks Finger Lakes Region boasts the largest wine production east of California. There are over 200 wineries in the state. Finger Lakes, Hudson River Region and Long Island are the three main regions, with Long Island the fastest growing. The oldest winery in the United States is located in the state. The Brotherhood Winery has been in operation since 1839. This past year they opened thier completely renovated wine tasting room, with a large selection of great wines to taste.

Another up and coming wine region happens to be in Seattle, Walla Walla to be exact. Seattle reporter and restaurant critic Leslie Kelly wrote a nice article describing her visit.
Here is an excerpt form the article: “After returning to the Northwest earlier this year, I looked forward to checking out the new growth in the valley. It had been just four years since my last visit, but as the wine industry expanded dramatically, I almost expected to find a mini-version of Napa Valley, roads clogged with visitors, high-end boutiques and spas on every corner.
But when I pulled into a parking space on the nearly empty Main Street on a sunny weekday, I knew the burg hadn’t lost its small-town charm.” If you are interested in wine and wine regions you will love this article.

Check it out:

Here is a region I bet you would never guess. New England, which encompasses Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. It is an up and coming wine region that now boasts over 70 wineries within the six states.
These wineries have received both international recogition and awards for thier quality wines.
There is a web site called that was created to help people learn more about the local wineries, events, restaurants, and places to stay and visit. The site also offers information on wine clubs, tours, wine education, etc.
An excellent site to learn about the New England wine region. Take some time and check it out. There is just so much undiscovered territory out there for wine lovers!

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